3 Ways To Practice Self Love

3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com

3 Ways To Practice Self Love

Self love has long been seen as selfish and more about vanity than love.

But times are changing.

People are actually starting to see that self love is more about internal happiness and the acceptance of ones self.


In saying that self love is way harder to do then one would expect. To actually love you, flaws and all. To love one self, have self respect and have self worth. Yep see you are already cringing at just reading it. It is hard ! Everyone struggles with it at times. However, it is what we need to do more of, instead of punishing ourselves to be like others, or to look a certain way.

3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com
3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com

Why we need self love:

Self confidence.

We need self confidence in order to trust ourselves and our abilities. Have confidence in what you do and be proud of yourself for that. Trust in yourself in decision making and remember ultimately it is your choice.

Self Esteem.

Self Esteem is truly how you see yourself and see your worth. Seeing yourself as deserving and worthy. Why do we as people, as women always tend to believe that we are not worthy or not deserving before anyone else?

Think about it …..why do we always do that to ourselves.

Look this is not a blog to fix everything at once. But is more about getting you thinking about your self love and what you could change in your life to make sure that you do more of it.

 3 ways that I practice self love and appreciation of myself daily

  1. Body Brushing

Body brushing has been around for years. And yes, for all those wondering I have been doing it for a very long time. Originally I started when I was 21 years old when I was working in England. I was Personal Training an actress at the time and it was her that  gave me the idea.  We would spend hours together, her training and talking about the beauty industry and the tricks that everyone did. She taught me a lot about the appearance of skin and what to do and what not to do.

Body brushing was high on her list of self love and it soon became top on mine. It stimulates the Lymphatic system, which is the system that is responsible for eliminating cellular waste from the body. If your Lymphatic system is not working properly to release toxins from your body you can become very sick which is visible in your skin.

It exfoliates your skin by removing dead dry skin cells which improves your appearance. I exercise all the time, sweat a lot and wear Lycra (tight clothes) all the time, often leaving my skin feeling clogged and YUK!  So in my  self love body  routine I  Body Brush, ever single night! Yep I kid you not. I might be a little obsessive with it but in a good way because it makes me feel glowing and relaxed.

Ladies another interesting fact.  Body brushing  also reduces the appearance of cellulite. And who would not want that right!  Not over night but with continual and regular body brushing you will start to see a difference.

My favourite Body Brush of all time is from the Body Shop. I only ever buy that brand because of its natural fibres and it is neither to soft or to hard on the body. I high recommend this brush and no I am not endorsed or have any sponsorship with the Body Shop, it is just the brand I recommend because I use it and have been using it forever.

3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com
3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com


2. Quality Face Products and Treatments

Another Self Loving practice of mine is looking after my face. As a Personal Trainer and someone who loves the outdoors and the sun. I need to look after my skin for sun safety. I love looking after my appearance and  trying to fight the anti ageing process. I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday, so I do take the time to look after myself for me. I don’t wear make up, I can literally count on one hand the amount of times I wear it. So I choose to look after it through other means and avenues. The natural look is always best I say.

I only use quality products on my face which I purchase from Clinic One. I see the lovely girls there for all my treatments (my treatments differ depending on how my skin is looking) and i follow a simple yet effective treatment routine which is easy to manage and works wonders for my skin.

3. Cold Shower

My last Self Love Practice you might find a little odd and a little different. Cold Showers. Yes you read it correctly. Cold showers have numerous benefits including increasing alertness, improves circulation, stimulates weight loss, reduces muscle soreness, eases stress and relieves depression. It is hard to fathom having a cold shower, especially as it is nearing winter, but trust me the benefits are amazing and you do get use to it. I have been taking cold showers for years. I first came across it when my coach told me to have a cold shower before I competed at the Australian Championships to calm my nerves and well chill me out a bit. (no pun intended) I am a little on the stressful side.  So give the cold shower a try next time you are in the shower and see how you feel afterwards.


3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com
3 Ways To Practice Self Love/www.justtessa.com


So in concluding, Self Love in important. You are worth it and worthy of it. So as Mothers Day is fast approaching remember to love yourself that little extra because you deserve it.


Tessa x