About Tessa


I have been working in the fitness industry for close to 20 years. After graduating university in 2001 and I have been working in different facets of the industry ever since. I’ve worked with Queensland AFL, London Theatre and Ballet Rehab, London Personal Training Centre, I’ve also worked in Wellness and Rehabilitation programs in numerous hospitals.

I offer Personal Training and Exercise Rehabilitation for the general public as well as work with young athletes in need of dance strength and conditioning.

I live and breath exercise

I absolutely love working in the fitness industry (I live and breathe it).

I live an active lifestyle

I live a healthy lifestyle with my two kids (little Miss and Master). We are always active and it’s not often that you find us having down time.

I fill my days with productivity and energy

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle with routine helps you get the most out of your days with productivity and energy.