Devastating Low to Exponential High!

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Devastating Low to Exponential High!

Sometimes in life things travel south, a straight line, to rock bottom. Things don’t seem to go right and everything starts to fall apart from all angles in your life, and you feel like you don’t know what to do next……have you been there?

I know I have been there (yeah  I am still there at this moment) but instead of wanting to continue down the path of dead end and going nowhere, to continue to not do a thing about it  (coax through life as some would say). I really don’t want to do that…… it is the safest option but OMG boring and non adventurous. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a life like that! Fuck ….. I want more from life and it needs to start with me.

Blaming someone else for your demise and your rock bottom status (emotional and or physical) is not going to help you at all. In actually fact, it will just keep you in that phase and that state of mind.  I have had to say to myself that this is my life, I got myself here, to this exact point, and it is my job to get myself out of this.  To heal and to learn and to want to improve.

I have aspirations, dreams and goals that I want to achieve in life with both my personal and work life. I only have one life and guess what? It is my time to live it!

Sometimes life is about falling on your face at some time, and getting back up with grace and poise.

I want to see the Aurora Borealis  (the Northern Lights). I want to excel and expand  I want to study and increase my Education on Nutrition and Exercise Science and I want to be able to socialise more (hmm that is hard for me, I am not the greatest person at socialising) but as you can see I have so much to concentrate on and  grow and expand with.

Devastating Low to Exponential High! /
Devastating Low to Exponential High! /

So I am going to sit down in my comfy chair and write the  bucket list I have always wanted to do. Each day I will wake up and visualise what I want and I will go out and achieve it.

Making this first step on to  a different path with a different direction is sometimes all you need to sky rocket yourself to your Exponential High.

Have the courage and the willingness to make the effort for yourself, you will never now what exciting moments await for you in your Life.

Tessa x