Exercise For Confidence

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Exercise For Confidence


Exercise and Confidence tend to go hand in hand for most athletes, fitness models and weight lifters. But for the majority of main stream people, both the word exercise and confidence can be very daunting. Confidence is such an interesting topic to discuss especially when relating it with exercise.

Having confidence in your environment is key to succeeding. For example, when you are confident at work, you perform tasks well and complete them with ease. Also when you are confident in social environments you will have more fun and get more enjoyment out of the social situation. Well the same goes for exercise, the more confident you are the more you are going to enjoy it.  The more you enjoy it, the more you do it. The more you do it, the better the results. You get the picture.


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Exercise For Confidence / www.justtessa.com

So how do you gain confidence to exercise.


I hear this a great deal when working in the fitness industry. Many people have the concept that they are not fit enough to join a gym. They believe they have to look a certain way to go to a gym and that they have to be sporty to look the part. This is where all the confusion sets in.  You second guess your own instinct and you let society pressures and influences change your mind and make you less confident to exercise.


I want to set a few things straight. You can use your gym how ever which way you would like to. For instance, to increase your cardiovascular fitness by performing fast and slow intervals on the stationary bike or treadmill. You may have to use the gym to prevent the onset off osteoporosis and to actually lift some weights and perform some weight bearing exercising to help this. You may even use the gym or exercise to feel better mentally. To clear your head space, to think clearly and give your self some confidence to perform other life activities. Why you choose to exercise is entirely up to you. What you achieve from performing exercise is once again entirely up to you.


Mentally and physically we are all different. So the main objective when exercising is to improve on yourself.  Improve your confidence, improve your fitness level, improve on your strength and to feel better mentally. Do not exercise to look a certain way or to impress other people. Exercise to improve yourself, your life and your mental health.

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So here are my tips to gain Confidence:

  • Ask for Help or some guidance.

The fitness industry looks scary from the outside. But believe me when I say this, it is not the case. Most people who work in the industry are there for one main reason and that is to help others. Help everyone that comes through the door or that asks for help. Fitness instructors may look super fit and scary at times but have you ever stopped to think that they look like that because they love their job and they love to train and exercise all the time for enjoyment and self improvement. So of course they look fit and healthy. So when you are next in the gym or out exercising, talk to people and start up a conversation, you will most often find they are lovely and you might be there for similar reasons.


  • Exercise with a friend

This is one that many recommend to gain confidence. Have a wing man. Just like when you are going out socialising, have a wing man to keep you company and to have fun with. Exercise can be more enjoyable when performed in small groups or with a training partner.  Makes sense right.


  • Do not care what other people think.

This is my favourite. Why do we always care what other people think? We all do it. Myself included. But I am here to tell you to stop worrying about it. You might think that people judging and looking and thinking what are they doing. Guess what, they are not.  When people are exercising they are so consumed in concentration about what they are doing, they are not noticing others around them. They are their to train and lift and run etc. They are not there looking around, they are busy and productive on improving themselves or achieving their goals. So do not think twice about what others are thinking because nine time out of ten they are thinking nothing about you.


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Exercise For Confidence / www.justtessa.com

So to finish I would like to say this. Performing exercise activities whether it be gym, sports and or running, it will increase your confidence level. It will increase your confidence in yourself, your accomplishments and in life.


So it is a little bit like the saying ” the egg comes before the chicken and vice versa” same with confidence and exercise.

Do you have to have confidence first to start exercise and sports or does exercise and sport build  ones confidence ?

Hhhmmmm it is a hard one. I believe it is both. Confident people give exercise and sporting activities a crack because they have nothing to lose and those who are less confident to start with increase with confidence over time when performing exercise and sporting activities.