Focus and Connect

Focus and Connect /

Focus and Connect

Do these words resonate with you in any way shape or form?

If not they should!


The meaning of Focus is the centre of interest and activity. To pay particular attention to.

The meaning of connect is to bring together, establish a real link.

So why am I mentioning these words? Well my Weekend was spent at a Dance Competition with my daughter and other young talented  dancers that I have the privilege to work with on a weekly basis. The adjudicator at this event was constantly coaching and inspiring these young dancers to FOCUS and CONNECT. Now I know most of you reading this are not dancers but these words should still resonate with you, they did with me. We should all be applying these motivating and inspiring words to our daily lives, not just when we think we are on stage at work or with our families.  Focus on what you really want to achieve in your life and in your fitness. Connect with these goals and with other people who make you want to succeed, improve and evolve.

Focus is the part where we set intentions and goals. Where we plan and organise our routines to make shit happen.  We decide what we want with our nutrition and our fitness, we set incremental goals and we work towards them. Connection is the part where we actually connect the feelings and emotions to these goals and intentions. Without the connection we are all just robots eating and exercising. And  eventually the love and the enjoyment for exercise and healthy eating disappears. So basically, you cant really have one without the other. You need to connect with your goals, your emotions and your enjoyment level along with focus is what leads to success.

Love what you do and do what you love is what I say often to my clients. You have to enjoy the journey to being healthier and fitter, not just the outcomes and the final results.

Tessa x