Hey Mums….. This is what it comes down to!

Hey Mums..... This is what it comes down to!/www.justtessa.com

Hey Mums….. This is what it comes down to!

Do you ever get the feeling that you have lost yourself?

Do you always feel that you do so much for your family and kids and never have time for yourself ?

Have you lost sight of yourself, your body, your mental health?

Are you just surviving on the same boring routine to get you through the day. Are you just on repeat, same shit different day?

Yes we have all been there and have all thought that. Trust me I am so in that process right now. My life has taken a huge directional change lately and not entirely a purposeful change but more of finding myself again. I really believe that as a mum, a wife and a self employed business women and employed Personal Trainer  you can tend to forget about yourself and let other things take priority.

Losing yourself often leading to either a complete mental breakdown or consistently on a one track road down a depressive trail of boring tasks and survival routines.

I know that most of you reading this are probably nodding your heads and agreeing with me. How did we get so far off the track of self love and appreciation for ourselves as women, as mothers, as friends and as us!

Was it the rise of women in stronger business roles, was it the attitude of “We can do it all” be a mother, a worker and everything else in between? Was it that we just forgot to actually do something for ourselves as ourselves? Did we forget that to have the “We can do it all” attitude we actually have to look after you first. Because that is exactly what I am saying.

We can have it all and we can do it all, but without looking after yourself first, you wont!  You may for a short period of time until your energy runs out.

Self love and self care is what is important and what is needed now and always. Really look after yourself. Not just the way you look but how you feel. Self love and care is more about your mental and physical health rather than what you look like. Looking great is a positive and very much a by product of looking after yourself.

There are several ways to look after yourself. Exercise and good nutrition is definitely important.

But it is vital to enjoy it. Do not make exercise a punishment for your body. Exercise and training should always be enjoyable and fun. Train with friends who make you laugh, make you motivated and make you feel like it is not a hard session but time well spent with friends. Exercise for happiness not as a form of punishment. Training should be more about what your body can do and less about punishment because you hate yourself.

This is the same for Nutrition. Healthy eating should be about loving yourself not hating how you look and feel! Food should be eaten for enjoyment and to nutritionally fuel your body.

Over-eating is a sign of hating yourself.

Under-eating is also a sign of disliking yourself.

We all know we do it. And we are all on the conquest to find the balance of eating for you, not because you are stressed, not because you are annoyed and not because you are just looking for something to calm the nerves or make you feel better short term. Nutrition is about long term health benefits for your mind and your body. Don’t rush this process. Be patient and be worthy enough to let yourself create good eating habits.

Don’t be disappointed when things are not happening straight away with your weight loss or energy levels.

Have you ever known anyone in the world that it just happens?  Never!

And if you believe that it does, then you are kidding yourself. Everything good is life takes work! Hard Work! And  you have always known it does. You have just been avoiding it.  Am I right?

Well accept and admit to yourself that you have been avoiding it and then give yourself the permission to change it. Spend time (with out the guilt) on yourself to be who you are, find yourself again. Find the” you” that you have lost somewhere along the way in the journey of your life.

Spend time by yourself and do things you like to do. It does not just have to be about exercise and eating healthy. It could be spending a day reading a good book, climbing mountains and or bush walking. What ever it is do it for you!

It could also be writing down notes and organising yourself to do the business that you have always wanted to start. It could be planning for that overseas holiday that you have dreamed about that you always put off because other family shit came up.

I know there are dreams and plans that have never come to fruition because of time, circumstance and or life, but I would like to finish with this……

You only have one life so please make sure that you spend it the way you want to. Mums can do anything in this world and don’t let someone else tell you that you can’t! Don’t complain that you don’t have time for yourself. I know and understand we have children as dependants (the word explains it all) but you can mother, be a wife and be yourself and don’t forget that!

Hey Mums..... This is what it comes down to!/www.justtessa.com
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