Is Flexibility Important?

Is Flexibility Important ? /

Is Flexibility Important?


Flexibility refers to the range of motion in a joint or a group of joints. It is the ability to move joints through complete range of motion and the level of muscle lengths.

Is Flexibility Important ? /
Is Flexibility Important ? /

Flexibility is important to your Training and overall Health. It helps decrease stress and improves the way your body moves and functions. Improved Flexibility  leads to better posture, both at work and whilst training. When a person has good flexibility and posture, movement is more efficient and effective. And you will feel better for it.

Everyone knows that I love to run and I run a lot. With this comes tightness and shortness in some some muscles areas. Especially in the calves, glutes, lower and upper back. I really need to spend time concentrating on improving my flexibility and stretching. Due to the time constraints in my life, I need to do small increments over the duration on the day and the week.

Is Flexibility Important ? /
Is Flexibility Important ? /


I am not only a Exercise Physiologist, I am a Certified Acrobatics Arts Teacher. Which means I teach kids and adults to perform acrobatics tricks, which requires high levels of flexibility and increase range of motion on all joints. I continually teach my acrobatic kids that stretching is vital and so very important for you to be able to perform tricks and moves at their best.


My Favourite Stretches and Flexibility Moves:

  • Lying on Back, Knees up, Feet on the floor and Arms stretched out – Rock you Knees Side to Side
  • Walk Forward with Hands to the floor and then walk hands back to the feet (downward dog position)
  • Cat Stretch – On Hands and Knees, stretch arms forward and bottom back on the feet
  • Cat and Cow Stretch – Hands and Knees, hollow the back and then stretch through to a hump Back
  • Using the Foam Roller , lay in Position to stretch the Thoracic Spine (upper back).
  •  Foam Roller, roll your  ITB and Roll from the knee towards the hip
  •  Foam Roller on the calves, Roll from the ankle towards the knee


Perform these stretches and exercises in the comfort of your own home.  Use a mat on the floor and listen to some relaxing music and stretch your stresses away. Remember to concentrate on your breathing and relax into the moves. Allow roughly 20 mins of time to stretch and try to perform them away form others. to ensure peace and quiet.


Stretch and Move to Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

Relax and Unwind and spend this time for yourself.


Just Tessa x