Is your Weekend Ruining your Weight Loss Goals?

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Is your Weekend ruining your Weight Loss Goals?


Have you ever wonder why you find it so hard to stick to your goals over the weekend. Why do you give in to the cravings and the urges to eat the things that you know you shouldn’t.

Splurging on the weekend happens, we all do it sometimes but why?

Reasons why you may Splurge with foods on the Weekend:

  • You are tired and need to rest. Sometimes when you are tired and exhausted you will crave sugar and fatty foods to keep yourself awake.  Your body is looking for an energy hit quick and fast so you are constantly looking for the unhealthy and feel good foods.


  •  Boredom! Boredom often leads to eating naughty foods. When you are bored you will always walk to the fridge to see what is there that you can eat. And if there is a tub of Nutella staring at you, you will no doubt eat the whole tub…… am I right?


  • Drinking on the Weekend. You are out having a social drink but you forget that alcoholic drinks still contain shit loads of calories. It is easy to drink your calories on the weekend, be aware of this.


Splurging can actually push your weekly percentages to 60/40 which means that you are not able to lose weight. You are actually sabotaging your fitness goals. Treating yourself 40 percent of the time does add up over time, which could be the reason why you are not seeing the results you are after.


If you struggle with splurging, what should you do about it:

  • Make a plan.  Organise something fun to do on the weekend to keep yourself active and motivated. Or if you are tired and need to rest, arrange to do that. Book a massage, do some yoga or even have a midday nap to rest the body, Do not feed it more food!


  • You can still have your treat meal. Eat your favourite meal, But make sure that you this does not continue over the entire weekend. Enjoy one treat meal, not a weekend of continual treats.


  • I suggest following an 80/20 percentage rule. 80 percent of the time you will follow your healthy meal and menu plan. 20 percent of the time you can waver from this a little bit.


Being good 100 percent of the time is unrealistic and unattainable. I find the 80/20 percent rule workable and attainable during training and working life. I try to listen to my bodies ques and if I am tired, I  rest, if I am bored I find something to do and when I am actually after the treat meal, I eat it!  That sweet satisfying meal that I wanted and I do not feel bad about eating it either. Feeling guilty about eating it is a whole other issue that I will touch on another time. But for now stop sabotaging your weight loss goals by forgetting the big picture and remember eat when you are hungry, not because you are bored, tired and or socialising.

Have a Great Weekend x