Your Weekly Training Session With Me.

Your Weekly Training Session With Me /

Your Weekly Training Session With Me.


So it is School Holidays for most part of Australia at the moment. Which means your training sessions tend to fall apart. You either have the kids around and you don’t make time. Or you are still working and  feel guilty for not spending enough time with the kids on their school holidays. Either way your training seems to disappear. It is however very important and vital that you still arrange time and organise yourself to complete your training sessions. School Holidays is when most Mums fall off their weight loss and exercise journey. “Life” tends to take over, in other words kids take over with what they want to do. You start enjoying yourself which is great, but this also leads to over indulging which in turn creates laziness and lack of motivation. Does this sound familiar?

If so, then I would like to let you know that it is not selfish to still make time for you during school holidays. Make time to train and exercise. Make time to eat healthy and rest. Instead of making school holiday plans just for the kids, make time for a family outing. You could all climb a mountain, go for a beach walk and swim or even spend the day planing and cooking healthy meals. Get the kids involved in some of your activities, do not just do everything for them.

It is during the Holiday time that you will have to look after yourself even more. You are most likely busier during this time, juggling work, kids and activities. So please don’t miss out on your exercise training sessions. They play a vital role in your physical, mental and overall health. So it should always be part of your lifestyle. Not just when you have time. You need to MAKE TIME and STICK TO IT!

Your Weekly Training Session With Me /
Your Weekly Training Session With Me /

Here is your weekly session with me :

Warm Up

10 min Walk or Bike Ride


  1. Step ups for 1 min
  2. Running for 2 mins
  3. Push ups for 1  min
  4. Running for 2 mins
  5. Crunches for 1 min
  6. Running for 2 mins
  7. Bicep to Press for 1 min
  8. Running for 2 mins
  9. Mountain Climber for 1 min
  10. Running for 2 mins
  11. Dead lift for 1 min
  12. Running for 2 mins
  13. Burpee for 1 min
  14. Running 2 mins

Warm Down

Walk or Ride for 10 mins followed by 10 mins of stretching!


Your Weekly Training Session With Me /
Your Weekly Training Session With Me /


At the end of this session you will be glad that you did it. You may have found it tough during the session but nothing in life comes easy…….. so push yourself and you will be able to achieve anything.

Trust me …. I believe in you all x